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Halloween may be in October, but the Queens Museum is bringing spooky fun into winter with its 10th annual haunted spectacle. The ultimate street party full of fireworks, the Lunar New Year Parade, offers a range of delicious food from all possible suppliers, and of course there is a fireworks display that will welcome the New Year. Halloween may be over and it may be a while ago for us in New York City, but the Queens' Museum is still bringing the creepiest fun of winter to the big city. For the first time in more than a century, it is being held on the grounds of the Queens County Farm and Museum, bringing a few small agricultural delights to our largest city and beyond. This highly anticipated fair offers everything from cakes - food competitions to the appointment of the best maize - shellmaster, exciting rides, games halfway and much more.

If buying an apartment in New York sounds like a fantasy, you can indulge in your daydreams at the day of adoption - one New York adoption. Together with other families we participate in the traditional Easter egg hunt to celebrate the most important day in the life of a small child, the Easter bunny.

Long Island City residents will test the scene with a performance of Shakespeare in the Park at the YPAC Theater in Jamaica, Queens. Click here to see a full list of events in Queens for the weekend of April 14-16, 2017, or click here for Free Shakespeare Park Queens, and to list all other free events for this weekend in New York City and the boroughs, click here. To view the full schedule at the Y PAC Theater in Jamaica (including a link to purchase tickets online), click here and click the left side of this page to see a full list of all events from Broadway to Broadway in Manhattan and Brooklyn. For more information about the free Shakespeare Festival in Brooklyn and Queens on Sunday, April 15, 2016, please click here or click here to view a list of all free performances at this year's free festival in Staten Island, Brooklyn, New Jersey.

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Click here for a list of activities in Manhattan, NYC, free activities and free events in Brooklyn, NY, click here, NYT, or for activities at the Queens Public Information Office in Queens. Click this link to get contact information and links to websites and maps, including information about events and events on the New York City Parks and Recreation Department website. For more information about events at Queens Performing Arts Center (see here), click on these links.

Hop on train 7 to East River Ferry and go to the portal or click on this map to get directions to Race Track 110 Aqueduct. Join us for the second annual Sunnyside Shines, sponsored by T-Mobile and Sun nysideside shines.

Curiously, the event is not listed on the official Government website, but tickets can be booked here at Eventbrite. This event took place last year and strangely enough there was nothing on their website until the beginning of March. I could not find any information about this year, so I don't know what to expect. A special Easter presentation will follow at 6pm, and you can reserve your tickets here via EventBRITE.

While New York is home to some of the world's greatest figures, it is also a great place for all of us to visit, and an event in Times Square to support employees would certainly be a good place for a business conference. When you are holding a conference in New York, you want your meeting to be held in a meeting area that is accessible to the number of people attending this event. You can even serve and prepare more than 200 guests at a time. While this is the best place for business conferences in the country, meetings in New York can also be held in other cities such as London, Paris, Amsterdam or London.

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