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Recently, the rest of the country has caught up, and you'll find hand-in-hand - pulled Lanzhou noodles in Chinatown and a trendy take on Okonomiyaki in the emerging - and - coming Long Island City. There's nothing quite like deep-fried in a busy Chinatown, whether it's a dumpling joint or a real Indian tremor. Rinsing out of Chinatown is Chinatown's sugar - topped with concha, a staple of New York's Chinatown food scene.

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If you are willing to travel downtown, you will find unforgettable and delicious food that is largely unintentionally vegan. There are so many great things to eat in New York City that I could write 10 versions of this guide. If you're a fan of food from around the world, check out our Food & Wine Guide to the best food and drink in the world. For more information on how to support the New York food system, see our guide to supporting the New York food system here.

The excellent Legasea restaurant serves fresh, sustainable craft cocktails made with local ingredients (think grilled branzino and mussel towers) with a craft cocktail. This popular tour, often in partnership with the Botanical Garden of Queens, offers you the opportunity to experience a wide range of Asian cuisine. Taiwanese gourmet takes guests to a truly local place, and inspectors say it is one of the best in New York City, if not the world.

But what makes it the absolute best is not only the food, but also the chef and his team of talented chefs. Esneider himself has worked his way through the ranks and become one of the most respected and respected chefs in New York. In 1996, he was hired as sous chef at the now-closed Latin American restaurant, which was run by chef Douglas Rodriguez. Jose Moreno took care of the owners "food after years of working in the restaurant industry, including a stint as a chef for Del Posto.

The Culinary Backstreets Tour, with a knowledgeable local guide, delves deeply into Corona's Latin cuisine and culture. The local chain Queens has become an international franchise company offering a wide range of vegan options. Arepa Lady's son is one of the most respected chefs in New York City, and the food here is the best in town no matter where you eat.

The tour takes you to the heart of the store, where there are grocers and delicacies on the second and third floors as well as in the basement. You can see the entire store from the front door to the back door as you explore the wide range of food and beverages, from wines and spirits to wine, beer and cocktails.

The vegan Astoria scene is one of the most developed in Queens, but you still need to know where to look for vegan food at the Astoria. To find a location, visit the city's free dining website, and the main pantry is located in the former New York City Public Library building on the corner of Broadway and Sixth Avenue.

Compared to Brooklyn and Manhattan, Queens doesn't have that many vegan restaurants, but the neighborhood is so diverse that everything you want to eat is within a few blocks. This is the third stop on our tour that takes us to the foreign-born population of Queens, the most diverse in the city.

Casa Enrique is the most remarkable, but even on subsequent visits I had no chance to try one of the other vegan restaurants in the neighborhood where I ate. During my time here, we also toured Astoria and the surrounding area, making sure that the restaurants did their part to keep their guests and workers safe. If there's one must-try vegan food in Queens, I'd say Casa Enrique's is probably here. It opened just a few months after I returned from Madrid and is one of my favourite restaurants.

With Yelp, you'll probably find a handful of joints that serve you some of your favorite international dishes, but just don't hold your breath to be authentic. Choose a kitchen or kitchen and stick to it, or stick to the steaming hot tamales of Roosevelt Ave late at night. The craziest hot Liberian food ever is at Maima's in Jamaica, Queens. You can try Kababish for the mince pies or a hot dog and a plate of the best chicken wings in town.

I would argue that California has it all, and boy, boy, would I argue, but this is probably one of the best places in New York City to eat. If there is anything like California, it is probably the most authentic and authentic food in the world.

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