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There are a few standout names that come to mind when you think of Queens, and while there's no debate about who the greatest rappers of all time are, here's a list of the top five rappers in the borough of New York City. I'm going to start this mini-series with the top five rappers from our borough of Queens. There are just too many quality rappers who won't make it into the top five, but there are also a few rappers who are a little less well known and celebrated and who can be at the bottom of the list. Although I included them all, I'm not here for this article, there were few rappers in Queens that I simply can't overlook and limit to footnotes on a list at the end of an article.

This will include a one and a half hour program conducted by Jaap van Zweden and will be performed at a venue in New York. Jasmine is also a member of the Queens Hip-Hop Alliance. She is also the founder and CEO of Queens Queens Music, an organization based in New York.

From classical music to jazz, reggae to disco, music lovers will surely find a genre to enjoy during New York Music Month. You may want to discover a new kind of music or discover an emerging artist right in your own city. If you live there, move to Queens and look for things you can do, go to a band or be the first to discover your next hit single. Astoria explorers at night, you can usually find them exploring new neighborhood spots to enjoy a craft beer.

Athens Square Park is located in Astoria, named after the capital of modern Greece, and is home to live music and dancing. Every Tuesday is Greek Night with different music groups and the highlight of the summer will surely be the 1st of August 2017. Although not all events are taking place, concertgoers are welcome to attend the following 10 free open-air concerts in Queens in June.

But the diverse environment of New York is also an influence that seeps into the bands from Queens. There is perhaps no better example of what makes Queens music so different from the other districts in terms of music. Whether you're a fan of hip-hop, rock'n "roll, jazz, blues, country or rock'n" roll, you'll find it somewhere in Queens, and that's because there are different musicians scattered across the five boroughs, all of them scattered around.

Staten Island is also a population-based, and Staten Island residents love rock concerts on the island, but the genre dominates music preferences in almost every postcode. Rock dominates in the boroughs of Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens Heights and East New York, as well as in the emerging music districts of Queens and the Bronx.

From the standpoint of hip-hop, Queens is often overlooked by neighboring Brooklyn, where some of the most influential rappers of all time emerged. Brooklyn has arguably had the strongest influence in hip hop over the years, but Queens wasn't far behind, even though Brooklyn has the most rappers. Imagine the challenge you would face if you had to break up the top five Brooklyn MC's, right?

As a result, the music of Queens has a refined character and usually involves a kind of compassion that involves two completely different musical influences. One could point to the continued mixing of neighborhoods that separates pop from rap and hip-hop fans in Harlem. If you love live music and are at home in Queens or New York, you are in luck, because Queens is full of great music venues. There is no shortage of great local music in this neighborhood revered by New Yorkers.

This form of call and response music is a part of the world touched by the transatlantic slave trade and is found in a variety of African-American music genres, including hip hop, jazz, blues, rock'n "roll and even jazz rock. Hip - Hop has made it possible for a new urban style to bridge the gap between rap and rap, as well as the music of New York. Another notable band are the Talking Heads, who have made their way into the New York music scene with ease. Add to that the success of their debut album "Riffing Rock'n'Roll" and you get credit (in part Russell Simmons) for the rise of rock'n'roll in Queens.

The band's popularity was also helped by the opening of Citi Field in Flushing, which marked the beginning of a new era for the New York music scene in the city.

Sleep to Brooklyn "was a sign that rap could and would travel far, but always returned to New York. The Queens Run D.M.C. inspired Motorhead and the heavy instrumentals of "Hip Hop," a smash hit for the burgeoning hip hop scene. Pharrell put his fingerprints on the more or less trademarked N.O.R.E., but this song single, and thus caused waves in the genre. Both acts were instrumental in perpetuating hip-hop and its culture as a lifestyle of the early years.

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