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Yahoo Sports and the New York Mets have announced the opening of Rego Park, the new home of Major League Baseball in Queens. Today it was announced that Major League Baseball's first stadium in the United States will open on June 1. The park will not only become a place where all members can work and live in one place for the rest of their lives, but also mark a new chapter in the history of the Mets and an important milestone in baseball history.

Since then, the team's main residence has changed twice, and the New York Liberty also played at the Garden during the 2017 WNBA season. The Aviators won their first league title at Forest Hills Stadium, which was chosen as the venue for the 2016 WTT finals, as part of the league's decision to welcome the expansion of the New Jersey Empire into the leagues. It is also home to what is believed to be the first edition of the NPSL Members' Cup and a number of professional football teams.

The Giants and Jets were previously based in New York City, and the Giants played at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. The city was also once home to the New Jersey Devils, the first professional baseball team in North America. Both teams also played their home games at Madison Square Garden in Manhattan and the Garden.

The New York Americans, also known as the Amerks, played 1941-42 and 1925-42, and a team called the New York Yankees played a second in the AFL in 1936 and 1937. In 1997, the New Jersey Red Dogs, playing in East Rutherford, New Jersey, were added, as was a new team, the New Jersey Jets, playing at Madison Square Garden. There were two other professional football teams in New York City history: the New York City Hawks (who played from Madison Square Garden) and the American Football League (AFL).

The team's name was changed to New York Sportimes, and the home games were moved to Mamaroneck, Westchester County. When the Sea Wolves, owned by the Madison Square Garden Company and having their games in New York City broadcast via the MSG Network, moved to Toronto, The Iowa Barnstormers of the AFL moved from Iowa to Long Island and were renamed "New York Dragons." The Dragons played until 2008, when the league stopped operations and stadium searches led them to the Bronx as a possible site for a stadium. Teams from New York City and the state will play in the National Football League until the Albany Empire, based in the state's capital, enters the NFL in 2018.

The Islanders plan to return to Nassau County with a new arena, currently scheduled for 2018 near the Long Island Racecourse in Long Beach.

New York City is also home to two minor league baseball teams, the New York Penn League, the Yankees and the Mets. There are two Major League Hockey teams, two professional basketball teams and a professional baseball team, as well as a professional football team.

The Mets and the Yankees are the most famous professional baseball teams in New York City, but two others play within the city limits, the Mets - affiliated Brooklyn Cyclones and, if you imagine, New Jersey's New Haven Yankees.

The National Basketball Association team is the long-established New York Knicks, who were the first sports team to represent Brooklyn after moving to the borough from New Jersey in the late 1950s and early 1960s to play in Brooklyn as part of the Brooklyn Nets.

The Mets play their home games at Citi Field in Flushing, Queens, and their regular-season games are a match called the Subway Series. The Mets have won four of their last five games against the New York Yankees, making them the most successful team in baseball history in Brooklyn, alongside the Yankees.

In baseball and football, the local teams in the New York area are all within the same division, and therefore in direct competition with each other. In the case of Boston, there was a rivalry between the Boston Celtics and the Brooklyn Nets, but there is also a rivalry between them. One Mets - Philadelphia Phillies are one of the most popular sports in Brooklyn and also play in Super Bowl XLII, which featured "The Helmet Catch."

The teams renamed the Brooklyn - New York Yankees dropped out after one season when the AAFC merged with the NFL. But New Yorkers tend to rally around the local team that wins, such as the 1994 Stanley Cup winner, the New York Rangers. Until 1994, a World Hockey Association team, the New York Raiders, also played in the area before moving to San Diego. The Jets are considered a Long Island team, helped by the fact that the team has been training at Hofstra University in Hempstead since 2008 and also plays in Nassau County, which is closer to Nassua County than the rest of the state.

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